Tylecodon Paniculatus v. Dinteri for Sale and Care Info

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Tylecodon Paniculatus Dinteri for Sale

Tylecodon paniculatus variety dinterii is a succulent shrublet that grows up to 4′ tall, and does very well in Southern California without needing special care. The plant is summer deciduous in hot dry climates. The stem fattens and leaves come out in winter rains. It has a thick basal stem that is densely branched above, with a rounded crown. The branches are softly succulent (hence its common name, Butter Tree) and green with a yellow, semi-transparent peeling bark.

Tylecodon paniculatus variety dinterii is believed to be a natural hybrid between T. paniculatus and T. wallichii. It differs from T. paniculatus by having narrower, cylindrical gray green leaves and yellow-green flowers of T. wallichii. During the hot dry summer months Tylecodons conserve energy and water by dropping their leaves and photosynthesizing with their greenish stems. This caudiciform-like tree blossoms during summer when it is mostly leafless, putting the flowers and later the yellow-green stems on full display. Its flowers are pollinated by nectar-loving birds. It is poisonous to livestock.

Tylecodon paniculatus variety dinterii does well in rock landscape, and in a large container as a larger treelike bonsai. It is also fun specimen to plant around pools and stark architecture or in front of a contrasting-colored wall where its interesting shape can be set off.

Names and Synonyms: Tylecodon paniculatus Cotyledon tardiflora, Cotyledon mollis, Cotyledon fascicularis, Cotyledon paniculata
Common Names: Butter Tree, Botterboom
Family: Crassulaceae
Origin: It is found in growing in South Africa in clay soils in the Spekboomveld, Gwarrievelds and alos on rocky slopes from Namibia to the South-Western Cape and the Eastern Cape
Size Label: 1 Gallon
Height: 3-4′
Width: 3-5′
Cold Tolerance: 25 to 30°F; -3.9 to -1.1°C
Heat Tolerance: Very high
Light Requirement: Full sun to dappled shade in hot desert climates
Water needs: Extremely drought tolerant in summer, needs winter rains
Maintenance: None
Uses: Dry rock gardens, succulent plantings. A great plant for a larger treelike bonsai. Fun specimen to plant around pools and stark architecture or in front of a contrasting-colored wall where its interesting shape can be set off.
Propagation: Replant cuttings, collect seeds after flowering. Sow uncovered in coarse sand topping with well-drained soil underneath. Seeds germinate readily during cooler weather.
Problems: Root rot, requires good draining soils.
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