Anthurium Podophyllum Plant for Sale, Mature

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Anthurium Podophyllum is a species of plant in the genus Anthurium. It is native to coastal areas of the Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca. This is a terrestrial species, which grows in tropical forest understories in seasonally dry areas. It is named for its palmate leaves that somewhat resemble plants in the (unrelated) genus Podophyllum, and which have many subdivisions. It is related to other terrestrial Anthurium with similar leaf morphology in the section Schizoplacium, such as Anthurium pedoradiatum, and produces orange berries.

Anthurium Podophyllum is considered one of the largest and fastest climbing varieties. The mature foliage is lacy with each leaf growing up to 3' long and wide when allowed to climb. Its pinnate leaves are dark green and have a glossy leathery texture with a semi glossy underside. Each leaf sits atop long petioles that can reach up to 3’ tall. The larger the plant grows, the more pinnate the leaves become. The overall size for an Anthurium Podophyllum is approximately 4’ Wide and 3.5’ Tall. Anthurium podophyllum can grow as either an epiphyte on the sides and branches of trees where its roots cascade down the side making a very attractive display on their own. This species can grow as an epipetric or as a terrestrial species. Anthurium species are known to be highly variable and not every leaf of every specimen will always appear the same.

Anthurium Podophyllum Care:

These Anthurium will do best in a bright filtered light while taking care to avoid any harsh direct sun. Water when the soil is roughly 1"-2" dry from the top. This may roughly be 7-10 days depending on your home environment. A warm humid environment can help this plant reach maturity faster. When repotting use a semi-coarse and chunky soil that will drain water well. This can be achieved by adding extra amendments such as kiwi/orchid bark and horticultural charcoal. 

***Do Not let Anthurium sit in excess water. Anthuriums are prone to rot if left with “wet feet”. Once watered, make sure to drain any excess water. Do Not place in full sun or extreme bright light. In the wild this species either grows in the understory or among the forest floor where they would receive bright filtered sunlight.

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