Live Selenicereus Chrysocardium Fernleaf Cactus Plant for Sale

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Live Selenicereus Chrysocardium Fernleaf Cactus Plant for Sale 

This listing is for a Live Selenicereus Chrysocardium Fernleaf Cactus Plant. These are beautiful established plants that are healthy and well maintained. Buyer will receive a plant similar to the one in the 1st photo (Ships Bare Root in Moist Sphagnum Moss)

Cactus is a wild fern shaped epiphytic cactus native to Mexico. It is spineless and can grow up to 1.8m wide with branching stems holding pale leaves that have rounded lobes in zig-zag pattern.

This specie is drought tolerant, low maintenance plant and easy to care for. Great as an indoor houseplant or for outdoor landscaping. CAREFULLY PACKAGED AND EXPEDIENT DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP 

CARE GUIDE: Provide well drainage soil, Can take low light or slowly acclimate to full sun. Water when dry. Fertilize monthly for best results. Very easy to care for.

Please reference our POLICY for information pertaining to returns, exchanges or damaged plants.

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