Ficus Bussei 'Floris' Plant for Sale in 2Gal Pot - Ficus Bussei 'Floris' Looks like Ficus Dammaropsis

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LIVE Ficus Bussei 'Floris' Plant for Sale in 2Gal Pot - Ficus Bussei 'Floris' Looks like Ficus Dammaropsis

This listing is for a Ficus Bussei 'Floris'. These are beautiful established plants that are healthy and well maintained. Buyer will receive a plant similar to the one in the 1st photo. It is a well established plant with a dense root system. Will ship bare root. Currently in a 2 gallon pot. 

Ficus Bussei ‘Floris’ is known to come from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia to coastal regions of Tanzania, Kenya & Somalia. Ficus bussei is a possible vicariant of Ficus recurvata and these two taxa may represent geographical populations of a single species.

These plants require regular watering (approximately 2-3 day/wk) and can get acclimated to full sun. They also make great houseplants. Fertilize them for best results. If the roots have become black or overly soft, the plant could be experiencing root rot. Cut away black or overly soft roots that may be experiencing root rot. 

Returns available within 3 days of receipt. Damaged Plants are insured and must be resolved through the USPS claims department. **Buyer pays for return shipping.

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