Amorphophallus Beccarii Tubers Plant, Corm or Tuber for Sale

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Amorphophallus Beccarii Plant or Tuber for Sale - *SHIPS IN Lightly Moist 70/30 Perlite+Peat Moss

Amorphophallus Beccarii for Sale

This listing is for a Amorphophallus Beccarii Plant or Tuber of your choice. These are beautiful healthy starter plants or tubers that have been well maintained.


For care tips, we offer basic instructions on How To Care for Amorphophallus Beccarii on our BLOG.

***We offer a refined selection of potting medium curated for this specie. It includes a rich mix of nutrients, including slow release fertilizer as well as rooting inoculants to keep this plant nourished all season long. Shop our specialized blends for this specie HERE!

Amorphophallus Species Available for Sale: Beccarii, Borneensis, Decus-Silvae, Gigas, Hewittii, Muelleri, Plicatus, Titanum,

Amorphophallus Beccarii for Sale

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