How to Care for Amorphophallus Borneensis

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How to Care for Amorphophallus Borneensis

Water Regularly: Amorphophallus Borneensis love water during its active growing period. Water and fertilize regularly for best results.

Soil in Active Growth: Provide a well-draining chunky soil and keep it constantly slightly moist. When the plant goes into a rest phase, keep the soil a bit less moist. 

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*The goal for Amorphophallus Borneensis Care is to keep these tubers hydrated without being consistently immersed in a soggy moist medium. 

Sun: This species prefers light sun and a humid environment. 


When a soft spot is detected, carve out the soft infected areas up until you see only fresh flesh of the corm. Then brush over Sulfur Fungicide Powder and leave in a sunny area so the wound(s) can dry and scarify quickly. Be sure to keep away from potential pest infestations.

If you find that some spots are taking longer to dry and have any concerns whether it may still be compromised, carve back that area as quickly as possible and repeat the treatment process in that area. Once, the wounded areas are completely firm dry, the tuber can be returned to the soil.

Amorphophallus Borneensis Info.

Amorphophallus Borneensis grows exclusively on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. There it thrives in the lowland forests at altitudes between 300 and 500 meters.

It is considered to be one of the relatively larger Amorphophallus species. The plant grows from an underground bulb where a single leaf emerges each cycle. This leaf can reach up to a height of 180 cm (5’ 10”). With each leaf growing larger than the last, the plant will generate and store enough energy for the bulb to flower.

This plant requires warm temperatures of approximately 25-30 degrees celsius (77-86 degrees Fahrenheit) to bloom. The inflorescence of the Amorphophallus Borneensis specie emerges on a lichen-patterned petiole that can reach up to 8 feet in height. It boasts a soft velvet textured green-purple spathe and a white-maroon spadix. The bloom attracts pollinators by emitting a strong stench. The bloom is said to resemble the appearance of Amorphophallus Konjac.


How to Care for Amorphophallus Borneensis 

**Below is a map that show the location of Borneo relative to nearby areas. For your convenience, we uploaded large images so you can zoom in. 

How to Care for Amorphophallus Borneensis 

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