California Landscaping Plants and Design Service

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Elite Gardens Online Design Consultation Subscription Service

  • Annual Contract Paid in Advance
  • 15% Off all Our Plants
  • Access to Some of the Rarest Plants in the Nursery Industry.
  • Extensive Experience with a Vast Array of Landscape Styles.
  • Knowledgeable with Tropical and Drought Tolerant Plants for both Inland or Costal California Climates.
  • 2 Site Visit Per Year for Analysis
  • 4 Chat appointments Per Month (Up to One Hour per Chat)

Our objective is to create a rejuvenating environment that feels like paradise right at your doorsteps. We will strategize plant placement and layering to interact and thrive in your area; Pairing sun-loving plants and shade-loving plants in respective areas to create a beautiful, bright and cool place for you to relax. Our goal is to strategically use a variety of scents, sizes, colors, forms and movements to create interest and invigorate your senses. An ideal garden is one that stimulates all your sensory input and arouse your inner serenity. We will carefully organize a variety of plants to do just that. This dream garden will encompass all the values for your ideal garden.


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California Landscaping Plants and Design Service in Orange County, Ca


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